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Chief Executive

Selling our property is one of the biggest events in our lifetimes.

You will naturally want to get the very best return while keeping the pressure and stress of the process to the very minimum. Below is an outline of how we achieve this for you and I cannot overstate how important the right selling process is in getting you the maximum return.

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I am really pleased with the consistently high service levels we are achieving for our clients since I took over the company in 2020. To guarantee this, you will have direct access to me should you feel at any time at all that our services are not meeting your expectations.

Looking forward to being of service and most of all getting you your best return.

Chief Executive

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or call our Prestige & Country division

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Achieving your best outcome

Starting with the appraisal of your property, our marketing process will get you your maximum price within your required time line.

It requires a very particular, methodical approach, which whilst more time consuming for us, delivers the best return for you.

Our approach is not to simply put the highest valuation on your property in order to get your business, it is to work to a method that finds the buyer prepared to pay the best price. Our agent will be happy to give you more information on this method.

Why we are so different to our competitors...


Our new regional offices, combined with agents local to you, offers an increased level of personal service.

This is supported by a core customer care team who are using exceptional and exclusive technology that works on your behalf.

Our fifty years’ experience in the region guarantees the quality of advice and support you will receive, backed up by direct access to our director’s office.


Our new and industry exclusive IT platform offers seamless and monitored communications with all potential buyers, reducing the time to sell whilst helping to guarantee the best sale price for your property.

It really is a revolution and only available to serve you through Andrew Grant.

Let us begin the journey together, with some basic information we can offer you your best solution.

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